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Camera calibration starts at $99 plus tax.

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Auto Glass Repair Shop in Columbus, OH

Taking your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. If you are looking for same-day service from a team that’s highly trained, you can trust the professionals at Discount Auto Glass in Columbus, OH. We aim to return your vehicle promptly, and we can even travel to your location. We use glass that is made to OEM specifications, and our business offers a low-price guarantee.

Automobile special workers replacing windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage.
Close-up of a professional windshield repairman working with hydraulic polymer crack filler. Elimination of cracks and chips on windshields

Replacements & Repairs

We Specialize In:

  • Auto glass replacements
  • Truck glass repairs
  • Mobile auto glass repairs
  • ADAS calibration

Customers trust and choose us because we have greater than 20 years of experience in the glass repair industry.

You can easily get a free quote from us:

You can bring your vehicle into our auto glass repair shop Monday through Saturday, and we proudly offer discounts for dealers and fleet operators. Our staff at Discount Auto Glass is proud of the work we have done for numerous motorists throughout Columbus. We offer superb customer service, so call or come by and get your project completed today.


Auto Glass Repair

Discount Auto Glass is an auto glass repairs company that serves drivers throughout the Columbus region. We are open six days a week and offer extensive discounts to fleet operators and dealers.

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Auto Glass Replacement

When a situation is bad enough that you feel it should be addressed by a highly trained auto glass replacement technician, you can turn to Discount Auto Glass for help. We happily replace auto glass in our shop or anywhere you need us.

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Truck Glass Repair

Finding a shop in the Columbus area that is properly equipped to deal with truck glass repairs is easy with Discount Auto Glass. We offer a lowest price guarantee and our staff extends mobile service to both homes and workplaces.

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We now offer windshield calibration for vehicles equipped with ADAS camera systems. If your windshield is replaced or if the camera is disturbed, the ADAS camera system requires recalibration.

ADAS stands for “Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems.” These systems rely upon cameras, lasers, and radar – often with the camera mounting to the windshield. Any time a new windshield is installed, cameras should be calibrated to ensure proper functionality and to restore the camera to OEM specifications.